I am Tim Martin, a passionate, award-winning photojournalist/photographer based in southeastern, CT.

My love for photography began as a child, purchasing a GAF 136 XF camera for $25, for an upcoming Cape Cod vacation. Gear to be used for my first self -generated assignment : capture the curl of a wave.

After only taking a few frames, I ventured a bit further off shore to capture a better shot of the wave curl. Needless to say I was knocked over and the camera went airborne, landing in the salt water. Nothing was salvageable and I was devastated, but it sparked an unbridled passion and determination that II carry with me each day. I also have a deep appreciation for working in a field that I have dedicated my life to.

Throughout my journey, I have immersed myself in multimedia projects providing viewers with a rare insider's viewpoint of sensitive situations in a compassionate, ethical and story-telling manner. Subjects feel at ease, often forgetting they are in front of a lens due to my easy-going style and demeanor.

As a 20-year veteran staff photojournalist with The Day, I documented high profile stories consisting of difficult and challenging scenarios, including a dramatic New London police shooting of a suspect who allegedly stole an ice truck, rolling it over at a busy intersection. I arrived as the situation was unfolding. Police officers began to approach the overturned, smoking truck with their guns drawn. Despite the chaotic ordeal, I maintained composure capturing images exhibiting shell casings in mid air as police shot a man four times.

Another experience was traveling (via bus) into Haiti, being on the ground just 12 days after the devastating 2010 earthquake, despite the airport being closed.. I was confronted with no running water or electricity, but managed to provide The Day with timely images with a portable satellite communicator. I gathered raw audio and captured images to produce an award-winning audio slideshow, providing viewers the agonizing human experience. Other projects include following a homeless man living under the Gold Star Memorial Bridge in a tent for almost a year, the rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina, gang inmates in Connecticut prisons, and a woman's journey as she discovers within days that she is pregnant and has breast cancer. I shadowed a local female boxer as she prepared for her first professional fight, capturing the sights and sounds of her victory, as well as a mixed martial arts fighter from the area.

Earlier in my career I photographed as a freelancer for the Metro West, in the greater Boston area, The Middletown Press, The Willimantic Chronicle, Hockey Digest and the New York Yankees’ Double A affiliate, the Norwich Navigators.

Besides being a photographer/photojournalist, I have a passion for audio, often composing digital soundtracks for slideshows. If not behind the glass, I can be found outdoors attempting to keep up with my 10-year-old Border collie.